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La Escuelita
Spanish Immersion
Virtual Learning Support Pods (K-5)

Escuelita Fall Break Camp -
Sept 28-Oct 2, 2020

¡Ya llegó el otoño!
Fall is here

Boost your child’s Spanish skills. Join us for a week of hands-on crafts, games, outdoor play and more . . . en español.

We’ll also be visiting and planning for planting in our outdoor children’s garden. Let the fun begin!

Wednesdays @ La Escuelita
(Grades K-5)

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Welcome to La Escuelita!

Escuelita (noun) “little school” 

 School will look different this year. Many students’ schools are all-virtual.  Parents are looking for the best way to offer their children a learning experience that is safe, structured and engaging as students learn virtually during the day.  For families that are also seeking support for Spanish language learning, we are proud to announce that La Escuelita is now enrolling.

La Escuelita is a full-day, Spanish immersion day camp and program to support students in virtual learning with their schools during the ’20-21 school year.  For safety, our program is limited to two “pods” or small groups of 5-8 students who are screened daily, wear masks and remain together for the duration of each school day.  Students follow the virtual schedule of their regular school.

Small-group Spanish immersion environment to support daily student learning

Scholarship Program

Thanks to our non-profit community partner, Generational Legacy Builders, Brilliant Bilingual is able to offer a limited number of scholarships to attend La Escuelita.

We are committed to strengthening access to bilingual education for underrepresented youth. This scholarship is available to eligible children in grades K-5. Download application for more information.

Program Highlights

La Escuelita offers:

Grades K-5 admitted

Snack included (students bring lunch and water bottle)

Supervision to help students complete virtual learning with their regular school

Daily safety-screenings and sanitizing

Full School Day Hours (M-F | 8 AM -3 PM)

Daily Parent Communication Sheet

Small Groups

100% Spanish Immersion Learning Environment

Enrichment and brain breaks during downtime (en español)

  • Grades K-5 admitted
  • Daily safety screenings and sanitizing
  • Small group learning
  • Snack included (students bring lunch and water bottle) 
  • Full school day hours – M-F (8am-3pm)
  • 100% Spanish immersion learning environment
  • Supervised online work 
  • Daily parent communication sheet
  • Enrichment and brain breaks during downtime (en español): outdoor play, language mini-lessons, crafts, projects, centers and games.

Enroll in La Escuelita

**Spaces Limited**
Program starts on
August 24, 2020

*Priority registration will be given to families enrolling full-time in La Escuelita. 

Registration for two (2) part-time options will be available, as space permits,  starting Aug 12:

1. Mon-Fri, 8am-12pm – $150/week

2. Mon, Wed, Fri, 8am-3pm – $150/week


All of our teachers are fully fluent (many of them native speakers) in Spanish and trained to work with children.  All communication and activities with students will take place in Spanish.  Students will be taught Spanish language that enables them to successfully conduct our daily routines, to engage with their online school teacher (if DLI), to get their questions answered and to participate in enrichment activities during downtime.  

Yes.  We supervise and assist students in completing assignments and attend live synchronous sessions with their regular school teacher.  Students follow the curriculum of their school daily.

Please see the summary of our safety procedures in the infographic at the top of this page. 

After our priority enrollment period of enrolling full-time families, if any spots are available, they can be offered part-time.

In the case that anyone in the group exhibits COVID-like symptoms , we will 1.) identify an isolation room or area to separate the individual until they can leave the facility, 2.) notify families, staff and local health officials of a possible case, while maintaining confidentiality, 3.) close off facility for 48 hours; clean and disinfect, 4.) advise sick individual to stay home and not to return until Dept. of Public Health criteria for returning have been met.

For safety purposes, we will limit the overall count of students in the building to max 16.  These will be separated into  2 small groups of 5-8 students, who will remain together the entire day.  No individuals other than students and staff will be allowed in our building.

 Our teachers are required to wear masks all day.  Students must also wear masks, particularly during indoor group activities.  Keep in mind however, for some students, especially younger students, learning how to wear a mask for an extended time can be challenging and will require practice.  We will be patient and we ask that families be understanding, as we do our part to help students use masks.  There will also be mask breaks during active, outdoor and individual online learning time (seated at a social distance).

We also follow a strict handwashing and hand sanitizing routine.

All of our instructors are 100% fluent in Spanish and are either working toward or have earned a college degree.  Each instructor has been background screened at the local, state and national level.  Instructors must pass the same health and safety screening as students daily to enter the building, as well as adhere to strict mask usage and all program safety procedures.

Our teachers’ roles are primarily to supervise and keep students on task.  We do not provide in-depth academic tutoring or any guarantee of a particular score or letter grade outcome for students.  Our team will use our knowledge of the Spanish language to help Dual Language Immersion students understand and complete assignments.  Any follow-up needed at home will be communicated via your student’s daily communication sheet.

We realize that staying up-to-date on your student’s progress in school is of the utmost importance.  Our program includes an individual digital document for each student, updated daily to reflect student progress, home follow-up needed and/or concerns.  We are a support resource and do not guarantee that we will be aware of every academic concern for every student.  Toward this end, parents are encouraged to keep an open line of communication with their child’s school teacher directly.

Students must bring their own NUT-FREE lunches and water bottle from home.  We will provide all students a morning snack.

Program fees are billed in 4-week cycles.  Payment for the next cycle is due the Monday before the upcoming cycle.  Billing is automatic and is applied to the payment method provided upon registration.  Payment method can be updated at any time.

For Fall 2020, we are open all weekdays except for: 

  • Monday, Sept 7,
  • Oct 12 (Indigenous People’s Day – Federal Holiday)
  • Thanksgiving break – Nov 23-27.
  • No fees will be due for Thanksgiving break week
Information on holiday breaks thereafter will be provided as needed.

We understand that nothing is predictable in these unprecedented times.  Our primary goal is to be a support to the community if and when we’re needed. 

Should regular in-person school resume at any point and La Escuelita is no longer needed, fees will be refunded for the unused portion of the program, and we will wish our students a safe and happy journey back to school.

It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete our online registration.  To register, simply click the Enroll Now button in the registration section above and you’re done!   

Following online registration and payment, you will be contacted to fill out our Permission and Information Form, which requests allergy, behavioral, photo release and other details that ensure we are providing the best experience for your child.  You will also be asked for a copy of your child’s schedule and their teacher’s contact info (in case we face issues during class time).

Registration and program fees are non-refundable.  

Families can cancel at any time with 2-week advance written notice.  In such case, the student can finish out the weeks paid and no future cycles will be billed.

Our program accepts students in grades K-5 only.  We plan to segment the pods by grade (lower grade pod and upper grade pod).  We will flex the pod arrangements as needed based on our actual enrollment.

Within a pod, if students are in the same class, they will be seated at the same table.

Each day students should bring:

  • mask
  • lunch (nut-free)
  • water bottle
  • complete change of clothes (grades K-2)
  • personal learning device (Chromebook, etc.)
  • learning device charger
  • headphones w/ built-in mic
  • backpack with school supplies and any sheets/materials needed for schoolwork inside

The program begins Monday, Aug 24.

Yes!  Students can arrive up to 10 minutes prior to 8am.  Please arrive promptly by 3pm, however, to avoid late pick-up fees of $1/minute.

As flu season approaches, we want to assure all Escuelita families that keeping kids and staff safe is our first priority. We are following guidance from the Governor’s Office, GA Department of Public Health, and CDC.

Effective October 1, childcare licensing rules mandate exclusion of children and adults in group care who have any two contagious disease symptoms, specifically as they relate to potential COVID infection. Examples: sneezing and coughing or runny nose and coughing. Although our program is exempt from licensure, we will follow this guidance in the best interest of our Escuelita community.

Therefore, children and staff exhibiting two or more contagious disease symptoms may not attend La Escuelita unless symptom-free for 2 days. All other policies and procedures (no temperature above 100 degrees, mask usage, etc) will remain in place.

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