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K – 8th Grade levels

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When it comes to language learning, the earlier a child starts, the better. Likewise, more exposure leads to best results. That’s why we designed the Spanish Café, a fun-filled afterschool enrichment program available to grades K-8. Our fully background checked teachers come to your school for one hour weekly to deliver an engaging Spanish language learning experience that parents and students will love!  ¡Hasta pronto!

Our program provides quality educational materials and conversational practice within small group classes. Brilliant Bilingual was proudly founded and developed by our outstanding leader Dr. Catrice Barrett. Her vision and work to get this important life skill to diverse populations has been the driving force of Brilliant Bilingual.

Sometimes, the biggest challenge learners face is believing that they can become bilingual. We give you the tools to achieve your language goals with confidence. If I can do it, so can you!

Nature scavenger hunt photo book adventure:

 Simple Spanish ™ song series
 Augmented reality art gallery
 Puerto Rican Bomba dancing
 Todo sobre mi (all about me) poster creation
 Role play and performance
 Día de los muertos mask creation
 Birthday card creation and party planning


Art Projects (STEAM)

Print and digital

Authentic Culture

Always Fun!

¿Te gusta hablar español?

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King Springs Elementary School

KEMP Elementary

Bullard Elementary

Addison Elementary

Vaughan Elementary


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P.S. Hola parents, want discounted Spanish lessons for your kids? Suggest a Brilliant Bilingual program to your school and enjoy a 50% discount on one child’s first semester. Contact us to learn how.

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