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Why Choose Us?

It’s time to move beyond the apps — More likely than not, you’re here because you want to build fluency and confidence to speak with any Spanish speaker.  In today’s economy, speaking a second language is a BIG factor separating those who get ahead and those who get left behind.

You may have taken Spanish in school, but feel it didn’t do much in actually helping you communicate.  Or, maybe you’ve tried Spanish learning apps, but gave up after a few weeks.  Perhaps you considered a face-to-face Spanish class, but the price, commute time, gas, and a sitter is just too much!

Good news – Spanish Express Live gives you all the benefits of small group face-to-face learning minus the inconveniences.

We get you there faster!

With our LIVE virtual classroom, learn conveniently from home, without sacrificing the benefit of human interaction.  On average, our students master  50+ words/phrase combinations a week and become conversational within 3 courses.

Exciting, isn’t it? Don’t delay.  You’ve got this! Get started today on the path of shining in a new language.

How It Works

Weekly Online Group Classes

Live Practice & Feedback
From Expert Teacher

Online Practice Activities

Learn On The Go
Anytime, Anywhere!

Boost Your Fluency


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Build Confidence and Skill
as a Spanish Speaker

Program Highlights

Weekly Live Classes

Apply your learning in REAL conversations in a small virtual classroom community.  Receive live feedback from an expert teacher to build your confidence as a Spanish speaker

online breakout room
Small Group Learning

Stay engaged, stay committed!  

Maximize your conversation practice in our virtual breakout rooms.  Watch your skills grow faster during paired practice with a partner.  

Max class size: 8

Practice Online.
Anytime, anywhere!

Sharpen your skills at your convenience. Your enrollment includes 24/7 access to digital practice resources. 

SE adult woman dancing
Cultural Connections

Expand your cultural knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world through authentic audiovisual materials featuring native speakers.

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Conversational Spanish 1A

Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm
Oct 28 - Dec 16
Registration is open

Conversational Spanish 1B

Thursdays, 6-7:30pm
Nov 12 - Jan 21, 2021
Registration is open

Conversational Spanish 2A

Coming soon!

Conversational Spanish 2B

Coming soon!

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